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Why in news?

  • Website of National Rail Plan 2030 (NRP 2030) was launched by the Railway Minister.
  • It will be used by all stakeholders including State Govts, public representatives and relevant Ministries to give their inputs for purposeful study in order to develop NRP 2030.

Need for Planning in Railways

  • Indian Railways plays critical role in India‚Äôs economic and social fabric as well as the security and cross-border strategic linkages.

Objectives of the NRP 2030

  • Facilitate easy movement of freight and passengers and access to services with reliability, safety and convenience.
  • Stimulating economic growth by creating required rail infrastructure complementing other modes of transport.
  • Meet the strategic requirement along international border.
  • To build an economically competitive rail transport system.
  • Presently Railway planning is not based on an integrated plan and projects are sanctioned mostly in isolation.
  • The national plan will take into account connectivity to backward region, regional imbalances. Congestion in the existing network and futuristic development of Industrial corridors.
  • There is lack of a holistic and perspective approach in development of railway network.

About National Rail Plan

  • NRP 2030 will provide long term perspective to planning for augmenting the railway network.
  • It will harmonise and integrate the rail network with other modes of transport and create synergy for achieving seamless multi modal transportation network across the country.
  • It will also realize vision of integrated planning and cost optimization of the transportation network by laying the new railway lines and new highways together in tunnels and over mega-bridges.

Way Forward

Railway plays a very critical role in overall development of the country. In the light of this a holistic and perspective plan by taking input from all stakeholders is needed to make railways more effective and efficient in nation building.


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